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Serum iron Ferritin The ferritin indicator detects iron deficiency in the blood serum. These tests are needed to diagnose iron deficiency anemia. Iron is essential for the formation of red blood cells. It is the most important component of hemoglobin, a protein that fills red blood cells, which allows them to carry oxygen from the lungs to organs and tissues. Iron is also found in the muscle protein myoglobin and some enzymes.

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As a rule, these two analyzes are prescribed in combination and allow you to get the most complete clinical picture and determine the causes of anemia. To determine the percentage of transferrin saturation with iron, that is, to determine exactly how much iron is carried by the blood. To assess the body's iron stores. To clarify the causes of anemia: iron deficiency or other reasons, such as chronic illness or lack of vitamin B12.

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Antibodies to coronavirus SARS ‑ CoV ‑ 2 (COVID ‑ 19), spike (S) protein, IgM, qualitatively, and IgG, quantitatively.

The detection of IgG to the spike (S) protein makes it possible to judge the presence of protective immunity, which can form both after a previous illness and after vaccination.

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The result is shown in a qualitative format: "positive" / "negative".